Veggie and the Beast

The culinary exploits, shenanigans, and occasional disasters of a vegetarian from Texas and her carnivorous, Scottish husband.

Curried egg salad sandwiches with arugula on cranberry pistachio bread!

There’s a scrumptious vegan version as well if you head over to the blog, as well as a proper cocktail that’s classier than your average shandy!

We made this for a Sunday picnic, and it was delicious, especially washed down with a jug of PIMM’S Cups!


Holy crap, that’ll put some hair on your chest!  Chilis from the garden + vodka + time = $*#(@#4!

Homemade Aftershock!  Surprisingly easy

I cannot wait to get some of these roasted potatoes in my tummy!  Salivating just thinking about it!

I’m a procrastinator - Sunday Roast on a Monday!  

The temperature plummeted last night (and is going to get even colder tonight), so I thought a traditional Sunday Roast would be just the thing for my Scottish hubby and best friend.  I’m thinking:  Roast beef for them, butternut squash nut roast for me, Yorkshire puddings, veggies, roasted tatties, and an apple crumble with caramel sauce.  Add a fire and some wine and I think you have the perfect way to remedy a case of the Mondays!


That’s what it needed - freshly whipped cream!
Raspberry Linzer Tart.  My new sophisticated but simple go to dessert.  So easy!
Fresh baked scones, fresh strawberries, and fresh whipped cream.  Heaven!
The pickled asparagus was actually really good!
Downton Abbey Viewing & Tea Party!  Yes, those are cucumber sandwiches, curried egg salad sandwiches, and scones.  I even got some themed items leftover from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!